is a managed bulk emailing service being offered by Originate Media. After looking around at the various options and providing some reseller services for some of the other newsletter emailing services out there we came to conclude - that we could do it better. Offer a better service, get better results and make it easier on our clients.

Our managed bulk emailing service is about making it easier for our clients to send out regular emails to their clients without the downtime of having to craft the message/s and then have to construct the email newsletter themselves. We have combined the artworking and newsletter building into a monthly payment structure. We can send to 50 000 subscribers a day :)

So just because the service looks nice and friendly - it doesnt mean its toothless. We are capabale of running with the big boys - at a fraction of the cost and here is South Africa where you pay for data usage and have a mountain of obstacles to surmout to send out your own hosted newsletters is a great alternative. Prices start from only R450/pm